14 April 2005


And so it begins...making transitions from a .8 classroom/.2 district contract to a .2 classroom/.8 district contract.

It feels good to "unburden" myself of things. I handed in my resignation as a building mentor for gifted, although I'll certainly complete my duties for the year at hand. I told our athletic director that I would no longer to be able to announce or spot at the football games? (Betcha didn't know that I was poised to be the sole voice of high school football next year.) I turned in all my academic letter information so that a new advisor can be found. There will no doubt be other small things to take from my pack and lay down in the coming weeks. And I haven't even given much thought about how to deal with all of the "stuff" in my room.

I know that all of these will be replaced with new responsibilities...new items to carry. At this point, I don't mind the thought. I like the idea of having something different, even if it's difficult. I like knowing that tomorrow will be the last workday I will have with one particular colleague. Yes, several other frustrating people will be in my future. It's okay.

At the workshop today, we talked some about transitions. Three of the people (out of 8) attending won't be back next year. Still others have only been told that they'll have a job---but not where or doing what. As I leave the relative security of a classroom for a district-centered position, I have to accept that life will contain a few more uncertainties (such as how I actually earn my paycheck). So, it was nice to hear from other people how they're dealing with this---both at a personal level and also in terms of working with colleagues in different buildings. I appreciate knowing that in spite of the precarious nature of working in Curriculum, that people do find ways to adapt, grow, and even thrive.

I haven't told very many people about my upcoming change in position. I don't plan on telling any more co-workers (not even the one tomorrow) and certainly no kids. We'll see how quietly---even gracefully---I can make the transition.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I know how hard you have worked and you deserve this. BTW, wise idea to not share the news just yet.

Your sweetie