16 April 2005


Very soon, the Scope and Sequence committee will be presenting our Recommendations to the principals in the district. Even though these are specific to "secondary science," 6th grade is housed at the various elementary schools. So, we really do need to talk with all of the principals.

We don't have any concerns about the Recommendations---that they can't stand on their own merits or will be trashed by the various admins. But we do know that there will be questions about impact on individual buildings. These are the questions we are trying to anticipate.

How many more science teachers will a building need? How many teaching positions in other areas will be cut? Does this take into account the decline in enrollment we currently have at the elementary level (because those kids will be in our secondary schools very soon)? Will we need more science labs/classrooms---how are we supposed to get them? Those other schools in the state with full-year science, do they have a 7 period day so that their elective offerings aren't impacted?


This weekend, I am trying to think of the various questions we may have thrown at us and then do a little research on the answers. I'm sure I won't be able to cover all the bases. Learning to predict the right sorts of questions each audience may ask is a skill I'm just learning to use. Shepherding these Recommendations through to the school board's approval will certainly give me lots of practice in anticipating.

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