28 April 2005

Another Day in Paradise

The WASL is history for another year. :) I must admit that I heard fewer complaints this year...and I even heard a few kids say today that they would miss the test. They kinda liked being in the gym with all their cohorts as if it were some oversized homeroom.

The day went by in a flash today. Not only were we on a shortened schedule (as we are every Thursday), but the classes were in an odd order due to the final day of testing. I covered a colleague's biotech class (again) this morning and then dealt with mine. My APers were very pleased with their lab results. My sophs were also more at ease. I didn't push them today---just let them work at their own pace.

A nice thing that happened today was that I gained another "convert" to my Cult of the Science Goddess. In this particular case, the guy (a teacher at one of our junior highs) had been a real thorn in my side for a long time. For whatever reason, he finally realized that I'm not another bureaucrat out to gum up the works...but rather to help him get what he wants in order to be a better teacher. He seems to at long last believe that I can make a difference. I have two more "hard sells" in another school in the district that I have to work on...but now at least I have one less on my list.

Tomorrow's Friday...and pay day. Not a bad way to be wrapping up April.

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