13 March 2005

Working Weekend

I wish I had something exciting to report from the world of education, but somehow blogging about writing lesson plans and doing paperwork is about as thrilling as actually doing those jobs. I hope to get out today and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Tomorrow it will be back to the real grind.

In the meantime, enjoy these links:
  • Want to know what other people accomplished when they were your age? Have a looksee. This can either make you feel really good ("Hey! There's still plenty of time for me to do something awesome.") or not so good ("*#@&! Mozart and his genius.")
  • The Christian Science Monitor reported this week about the upcoming Symposium in Plant Neurobiology. Do plants have minds of their own? I've always been a big fan of plants, even though I don't do any gardening. I have to admire any organism with a genome large enough to manufacture anything it might need, the ability to manipulate other species to do its bidding, and the cunning to commit all kinds of warfare with its neighbours. That benign looking tree in your yard is just trying to fool you.

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