09 March 2005

Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

Today, I got to work at my usual bright and early time of 6. I took a few minutes to collect things my sub had left for me yesterday. I then sat down to write the Minutes from yesterday's Scope and Sequence meeting.

Before these meetings began, I met with my Boss at central office. I wanted to know the "boundaries" of our work---what was within our scope as a committee? She also has a much more global perspective on how things work in the district and it is good to have her ideas. At the time, she mentioned to me that I ought to publish the Minutes for all secondary science teachers in the district (not just those participating on the committee) and also the secondary administrators. The idea is to keep as many people as possible "in the loop" as far as what is happening with the process.

I followed her advice. After the first meeting, I typed up the Minutes and sent them to everyone. This morning, I did the same thing, but the reaction was different. I received a note from the Boss Lady: "Your notes are thorough and will help keep all informed of the committee's work. It sounds like you enjoyed a productive day. When possible, I would like to read minutes before they are sent to everyone. This will allow me to seek clarification on areas that may be unclear or to identify any areas where I may want to recommend other considerations."

Does this strike anyone else as a little odd? They're just Minutes---there were no decisions or recommendations made yesterday. Why does she need to proof the record of our meeting? What if, in the future, she doesn't like a topic that came up for discussion. Is it ethical for me just to delete it at her request?

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this. It may be that she just wants to be prepared in case principals or others have questions. Maybe she's just trying to watch my back. But something makes me suspicious. I didn't reply to her e-mail today. I think I'll just stew on it overnight and see if there is a tactful way for me to find out why she has requested future "previews."

Tonight, I have more work to do for Friday's big event at my school. Over 500 people have dropped by today to read about it...and no one's left me any advice. Maybe they know I'm as doomed as this guy does. :) Place your bets, people. Just don't forget to let me in on the pool, too.


Coach Brown said...

I feel your plight:)

I've just started reading your posts and especially like the homework one.

Thanks for the great read!

Rob said...

I've had bosses like this. I think it boils down to one of two cases:

1) She is, in effect, saying, "when you talk to the world it reflects on me, therefore I reserve the right to vet what you're going say." For my money, this is proof that she doesn't trust you too much not to say something that would reflect badly, somehow, on her.

2) She wants you to be reminded who is boss. This is the more likely case, IMHO, if you're doing very well in your job right now. When a really good manager has an employee who is really growing in the job, they like to show them off, "gee, look what a gem I've got." A poor manager sometimes thinks, "all this success is going to her head; time to remind her who is boss around here."

In both cases, I would bet money the person isn't aware they've made the decision for the reason they have.

Of course, I could be full of the brown stuff, too.