08 March 2005

Scope and Sequence, Round 2

Today was the second (of four) meetings developed to address Scope and Sequence needs for secondary science in my district. It's my task as District Science Goddess to figure out how to do this important, but daunting process. So far, I'm pleased...but exhausted.

People came today with positive energy and good expectations. They came ready to participate and discuss. I was pleasantly surprised.

The major task of the day was to let them do some research/discovery. It's one thing for me to get out and learn some things and try to share it with staff. It's quite another for them to find out for themselves. I got to see several "A-ha!" moments today, which is usually something I only get to see with students. I was also thrilled to see their interest in future collaborations for developing units to use across the district. If I can rally support from that from the admin side of things, we can build an amazing program.

The group would really have liked to have started making some decisions today about what to do, but I held them back. I had two reasons for this. First of all, we only have 11 of the 50+ science teachers represented at these meetings. To not give everyone an opportunity for input would be disastrous. There's plenty of time to make decisions and recommendations at the next meetings. And secondly, it might be a very long time before the district affords us another opportunity like this. We shouldn't make any quick decisions---because whatever we do, we will have to live with it for a long time. I didn't want any of us waking up tomorrow going, "Oh my gawd...what have we done?!"

I now have three week respite between meetings. I'm sure that the time will pass all too quickly and that once again, I'll be a bundle of nerves before the meeting and (hopefully) end the day with a smile. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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