30 March 2005


I'm too tired to pull together a fully coherent posting, but the following items are rolling around in my mind:
  1. There's a new public data resource available: schoolmatters.com It has great information, state by state, about student performance, state spending, levels of education, etc.
  2. We've had some thunder here recently. Okay, that's not big news...and yes, it rains a lot in the Pacific NW. But while kids here are used to rain, there's never any electrical stuff to go with it. I've had kids who were unfazed by earthquakes ask me if school would be let out early due to thunder and lightning. And they were serious.
  3. The Director approved my minutes of the meeting after asking for a few small alterations...none of which were unreasonable. It made me feel good today to see my department chair so enthusiastic about our work that he talked to our colleagues non-stop at lunch. I can only hope that other participants across the district were doing the same thing today. How wonderful to have that sort of energy for this process and the future.
  4. The 8th Carnival of Education is on now at EdWonk. Please hit the "midway" and check out all the great articles submitted by fellow edubloggers.

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Anonymous said...

I found schoolmatters.com to be very interesting, but disturbing, too. I can't believe that grade 8 math proficiency nationally is only 27 percent. In all of the categories, it looks like only about a third of the kids are proficient. How in the heck can we run a country when the average graduate isn't "proficient" in math or reading?