29 March 2005

It's done. I think.

Today, the Scope and Sequence committee managed to hash out our decisions and write the recommendations. I felt really good about our work. We had good data and other research to base our work upon and I believe that it will be implemented.

One of the biggest items was recommending full-year science for grades 7, 8, and 9. Maybe this doesn't sound like such a big thing, but it means that (a) increasing our program means someone else's will decrease...and a teacher or two may lose their jobs and (b) we need more rooms and teachers. Those aren't cheap.

The other high priced decision was that related to materials. We will need new textbooks and/or modules for grades 6 - 9. The Director has already committed to budgeting for these next year, but it's still a big requirement.

I have e'd the minutes and our recommendations to The Director. I'm hoping to have some feedback very soon, because we're anxious to present these to the School Board for approval.

A goddess' work is never done.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a Neanderthall. When I went through school, back in the sixties and early seventies, we had "Life Science" (ie, biology) in seventh grade (and I had a very good teacher, Mrs Benbow) and "Earth Science" (ie, geology, chemistry and anything else that wasn't biology) in the eighth grade.

Then it was biology as freshmen, chemistry as sophomores, physics as juniors and, optionally, biology II, chemistry II or physics II as seniors (chemistry II would get you far enough to test out of freshman chemistry in college, which was nice). For math it was geometry as freshmen, then algebra, then analytical geometry/trigonometry and then calculus (with the last two being optional).

Are school days shorter now or classes longer? If kids aren't taking these, what are they taking that we didn't take? I never took study hall, maybe that's it.

Maybe it's just the times. I talked with a college student the other day who considered herself a full-time student when she was only taking 13 hours.

I would be interested, Oh Science Goddess, to know what an average high school trajectory is these days, perhaps you can blog it.

Coach Brown said...

I had a similar comment.

7th- Earth/Life Science
8th- Physical/Human science
9th- No science unless advanced
10th- Biology
11th- Chemistry
12th- Physics or Anatomy

When I was in school, rarely did freshmen take Biology. Now, lots do, and many fail.