31 March 2005

Group Dynamics

I got to attend a workshop today on "group dynamics": how to facilitate a meeting, what to do with people that tell you you're full of crap, and how to encourage teacher leadership. Mind you, this is all information that I could have used a long time ago, but better late than never.

A lot of the information was focused on non-verbal cues: where you stand in a room (and when you sit), how to point (palms up or down), how to physically position your body so that the inflection in your voice changes. Pretty interesting stuff.

We have two more trainings on these ideas and I'm really looking forward to them. It's nice to go someplace, get good information, and feel energized when you leave.

But one of the nicer things was simply feeling "included" in the work the Curriculum department does. Should I transition full-time to that office next year, the people I will spend the most time with are the ones I sat with today. There is certainly a whole set of different "group dynamics" from the crowd I typically run with. I liked that a lot. I liked the discussion and the kind of thinking about student learning that was shared. I liked seeing the expertise of different people coming into play as we moved through the training.

The week has been a whirlwind. Scope and sequence on Tuesday...WASL tutoring all day Wednesday...textbook adoption and training today. It's going to be so nice to get to tomorrow and the beginning of Spring Break. I need some time to breathe and recharge for the final quarter of the year.

I'm enjoying the comments people are posting here this week. I do plan to address some of the things that have been asked, as I'm anxious to join in the conversation.

One last thing before I call it a night...I learned a new term today: "LJ." Probably everyone knows what this is but me. However, if you're as clueless as I was when my AP kids said it this morning, it stands for "Live Journal," (a/k/a "blog"). It's one way that they're keeping up with one another---and I'd be interested in reading a couple. I have to wonder if any of them would be interested in this one.

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