11 March 2005


Today went very well, if I do say so myself. The admin---who was very concerned about the whole day falling apart---did a very good job delivering my/his speech and leading the small group discussion (I was in his group). I was actually rather proud of him. I think people were interested in thinking about the kinds of questions raised by the morning's survey of the standards.

The only weak spot in the day was when the ass't. admin got up to introduce the afternoon's agenda. She blew it big time. But, I think that people were still able to salvage the task (having professional conversation about standards in our own classrooms).

Anyway, I feel like celebrating a little. Even if I am just the (wo)man behind the curtain---if people believed in Oz the Admin, that may be good enough. Today we managed to get put together a coherent day of professional development that has the potential to form the strong basis for change.

I do have to ask myself how far I'm willing to go with this. How much time and effort am I willing to put in to get the admins to enact the kinds of changes we need? Do I want to spend several hours with them every quarter/semester ensuring that they make quality opportunities available for everyone? I do admit that I am enjoying this particular challenge and so perhaps I'll see how things go for awhile longer. If the end result is more effort from everyone to help kids achieve, then that seems like a worthwhile reason to keep playing puppetmistress.

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