03 February 2005

Questions from Kids

Being a biology teacher, I receive all kinds of questions from kids. Some of these are rather benign, and others are predictable. For example, I know that every year, each sophomore class I have will want to spend time talking about hermaphrodites.

Today, I told my kids about my rogue gall bladder and that I would be out for awhile. I let the kids ask whatever questions they needed to in order to digest the news. I think my favourite query today was what the scar in my navel (where the surgeon will insert the endoscope) will look like. You know, I hadn't really thought about that. But I don't think that I will show them. Heck, I don't think I'll even be able to see it.

Teachers are always looking for "teachable moments:" some current event that sparks interest and learning. Today, I got to supply the spark and then take some time to talk about body parts and purpose. It really wasn't what I had planned on today, but I'd like to believe that the kids came away with some useful (to them) information.

Tomorrow, I'll head back into the classroom and then it's off to hospital at lunch. A pleasant Friday to you all. I'll be back here on Saturday.

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