02 February 2005

I Like 'em Big. :)

After much running hither and yon to see surgeons, radiologists, and everything in between today, the Goddess has been scheduled for some surgery on Friday afternoon. Apparently, I have "gall rocks." I have not been cultivating mere pebbles in my gall bladder, but in accordance with my Texas upbringing, I've done this on a grand scale. The surgeon says I can keep them after he takes them out, so perhaps I can show my fine work to you in a few days. I'm certainly anxious to show them to my students. (Any bets on how many I can make pass out with this trick?)

Of course, this means that I missed school today...and may be out up to a week next week. This makes my head spin. How on earth do I plan for being gone for a week? I know that the kids will muddle through, somehow. I've tried to raise them to be good independent learners. But the fact is, we have a co-dependent relationship: I'm guiding them and also having a grand ole time learning things from them.

Kids always have such interesting medical stories to share from their families. I'm not sure if all that they say would be appreciated by their parents, but it often makes for some good discussions. My favourite student story (so far) happened when I was student teaching (in Texas, mind you). The topic was worms, and I had told them about some various experiences my dad had had. One girl very enthusiastically raised her hand, wanting to share, too. Here is what she told us...

"When my mother was a little girl, she had a tapeworm. And one day, she threw it up, and my grandfather had to go out and shoot it!"

Apparently, granddad liked 'em big, too. Tales, anyway.

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