19 February 2005

The Ether Ate My Homework

You'll just have to believe me. I wrote this nice post about the current Time magazine cover story ("What Teachers Hate About Parents"), self-esteem, and an anecdote about one particular dad-from-Hell I dealt with a few years ago. And lo and behold, I pushed the "Publish Post" button as I always do, and the whole thing is gone. Argh.

I have yet to have this sort of thing come up in class. But since the advent of the personal computer in nearly every student's home, I have heard plenty of similar reasons. The most common "excuse" for late work is that the "printer was out of ink." Considering how expensive ink is (good thing we don't run our cars on it), I can understand that families might not have extra lying around. But a kid can always bring an assignment to school and print it out. Or e-mail it to me. Or handwrite it. This last idea also gets at the number two reason kids don't hand in homework: "My dad took apart the computer." I hadn't realized that so many men out there delighted in discombobulating electronics. Seems to me that there might be more appealing hobbies.

Anyway, I'll try to recapture my thoughts on parents later.


Pursuit said...

We are always running out of ink it seems. Our daughters are aware that this is not an acceptable excuse. I got them one of these key ring flash drives, to take assignments to school for printing. You may want to suggest it to some of your more involved parents.

The Science Goddess said...

Great suggestion! I'll add that to my parent information and also pass it along to my colleagues.