28 February 2005

The Day at a Glance

I think that anyone who puts their best effort into their work---regardless of the job---has a full day. I am not going to purport that teachers have it any better or worse than anyone else who's out there doing their thing. I will just state the obvious and simply say that it's different.

Mondays are when I try to get as much prepped for the week at hand as I can. So, starting at 6 a.m., I was in there printing and xeroxing. My sophs are doing a Urinalysis lab this week---and I got to make batches of (synthetic) urine for them to test and diagnose. I also pulled slides for my other lab that needed to be set up. I collected glassware and other lab items. I sorted through the e-mail that had accrued over the weekend and took care of a few other items on the omnipresent "to do" list.

My first class begins at 7:50. Really, working with the kids is a relief...a break in the day. I enjoy being with them very much. Today, we got to talk about kinky plant sex and how pee gets made. We got to discuss what classes they're thinking about taking next year...and look at some ideas for upcoming projects.

At noon, I ran inside for a conference during my "lunch" and then chatted with the principal a bit on how to make professional development meaningful. A colleague needed some help and I took some time for her. I prepped for my sub tomorrow (as I have a big district level presentation to make), gathered my handouts, and traveled to central office. I dropped off the draft version of the district position statement on evolution with my curriculum boss. I took care of other errands there and by 3, I patted myself on the back and determined that it was time to come home.

I had dinner with a housemate and have done some things for my job. Right now, I'm supposed to be previewing a video to share at a meeting next week...but I just haven't the focus for it. "Hellboy" is showing instead while I try to shut off my brain for awhile.

After all, tomorrow will have its own challenges to face. There might be a lot of things you can say about this profession---but you cannot say that it is dull. Where else do you get to make fake urine, brainstorm ideas for better teaching with the boss, and guide kids in their decision making about the future all in one day?

The downside is that while all these things are great, I often feel pulled in too many directions. I'm just a girl who can't say "No," and so I end up trying to do too much. I hope to change that a bit for next year. For now, I'm just going to hold on and enjoy the ride.

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