12 January 2005


I own a home with two other women. No, we're not lesbians. Merely 3 poor school teachers who could not each afford to buy separate homes. In pooling our money, we have been able to get a dream of a home near the water.

I have a boyfriend. We met on-line 5 years ago. He lives many states away and we don't see each other very often. I wish very much that things were different, and it makes me sad that they aren't. But I can't give up on the most wonderful relationship I have ever had. I believe in starting from hope and living dangerously.

Beyond that, there may not be much to tell at this point. I have lots of people that I see and interact with at school. I don't have any family in this area. They are all very far away and I like that. I have other friends that I enjoy spending time with occasionally, but the truth is, I live a very quiet life. Not much happens beyond the realm of work.

Tomorrow begins a large-scale semester final in one of my classes. I ask my sophs to solve a murder---and I have been doing this since long before the advent of "CSI." It is always a wonderful project to have them do. They get a real kick out of the whole thing. And for me, it is a mountain of work. Setting up 10 labs for 80 kids (another teacher's class is participating, too) is quite the challenge.

Wish me luck.

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