21 January 2005

Blogrolling Along

I did it! I added a blogroll. Okay, so it's not like I've saved the world or learned to do open heart surgery. Small steps are important, though, in life.

Today was as nutty as anticipated. And no, it didn't feel like a Friday.

By 6:30 this morning, I had at least a half dozen kids in my room and lab. (See? I'm not the only nut at school at that hour.) I was trying to set out another lab for my sophs. For their fall final, I have them solve a murder. There are 10 labs (fiber analysis, blood typing, DNA sequencing, etc.). I set out 1 a day to keep the kiddos going. Anyway, after being gone for 2 days, there was a mess to clean up in the lab. I share my portable with two other teachers, neither of whom are neatniks. So, I cleaned up, set up the next lab, got the exam ready for my seniors, played hide-and-seek with the stuff the sub left (don't ask), and tried to organize all the stuff I picked up at the conference.

The wave of kids hit. My classes went very well---I do enjoy my students and it was nice to be missed. After lunch, I had a meeting with the principal, and then another meeting with staff. Eventually, I got back out to my room to meet some kids who needed the lab (again). But I kicked them out by 3 and came home.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned something related to my contract. Let me just say here and now that I hate the NEA. Due to the law in the state, I am required to belong to The Union. It is a closed shop. And as a result, nearly $700 a year is raped from my paycheck. Seems to me that if The Union really gave a rip about how much I make, they wouldn't take so much. I am not "anti-union," in principle. But I tell you, as long as teachers act like blue collar workers, they will be treated as such. If they want to be treated with the kind of respect accorded to other professions---like doctors and lawyers---then they need to act like professionals.

I brought home a veritable poopload of work to do this weekend. I will try to make it through as much as I can, but I'm also tired. And with that, I think I'll drag out some of this work.


Pursuit said...

Hi Goddess. Wow, never said that before, its a bit unsettling.

Just came over from the Functional Ambivalent. Nice blog. Stop by the Pursuit of Happiness sometime and say "hi"

SnoLepard said...

Hi. I'm just curious about how your wage and benefit package compares to states with open shops; right to work states. Also It costs $420 a year to be in the AMA and I don't know about the ABA but I doubt that it's free.

The Science Goddess said...

Wage-wise, I make nearly twice what I could pull in while teaching in NM, but it's still not close to what most other professionals make (at least in this area of the country). So, union dues are really out of proportion. My benefits package includes some medical coverage, along with dental. It's better than working for Wal-Mart.

Frank said...

Hi Goddess. Came over from Functional Ambivalent (one of my favorite reads, by far). I just wanted to say hello and welcome to the blog-o-sphere.

And, your link to Functional Ambivalent doesn't work. You doubled up on the http://