04 May 2020

Please Stand By

So, after I bragged about posting every day for four straight months, I didn't post for a couple of days. But it's because I'm not getting a list of tweets anymore!

I did try to build my own search strings...to no avail. I am wondering if Twitter has done something behind the scenes that is affecting things. Anyhoo, based on the tweet above, it looks like the owner of the bot account is going to try and have things up and running again soon.

In the meantime...

(PS Raise your hand if you can hear the tone in your mind's ear that goes along with this picture.)

01 May 2020

Sure, I'm Decent

When I started this project on January 1, I was naive enough to believe that 2020 would be a relatively normal year. Got yer leap day, Summer Olympics, and US presidential election. There's some work, some play, some celebrations.

But by March 1, it was clear that this year was not going to follow the script.

And my May 1? I have to say that 2020 is like a suspense novel that I just can't put down so I can rest. (As if anyone is sleeping well at this point.) And I am continuing to soldier on with my efforts to select a tweet from a previous year for the current date (full list for today). So let's begin our fifth month and 122nd post, shall we?

Gilda is one of my all-time favourite films. Gotta be in the Top 5, at least. It stars Rita Hayworth as the titular character...and Glenn Ford (It's his birthday, today!) as the man who hates to love her. Although the two stars made several films together (and had an on-again, off-again relationship in real life), their chemistry never burns hotter than it does here.

It is not a film noir, but has elements of one. And the dialogue crackles. Here are a few of my favourite lines:

Gilda: They said that being married to Johnny Farrell was very like driving a car with no brakes.

Johnny: Statistics show that there are more women in the world than anything else. Except insects.

Gilda: If I'd been a ranch, they'd have named me The Bar None.

Johnny: Doesn't it bother you at all that you're married?
Gilda: What I want to know is, does it bother you?

Gilda: I always say there's something about Latin men. For one thing, they can dance. For another thing - what's your telephone? number?

It's sexy, even by 1946 standards, without being raunchy. Hayworth is smokin' hot in it. I've long said that if reincarnation is real, then I want to come back as Rita Hayworth. I was on a flight a few years ago and a pilot who was deadheading on it stopped to tell me that my hair looked like Rita Hayworth's. I think that is as close as I am ever going to get. But a girl can dream, can't she?

If you haven't seen this film, seek it out on your favourite streaming platform. You like to watch, don't you? :)

30 April 2020

Easier Said Than Done


I don't know what I asked or heard 11 years ago. I suspect it had something to do with an upcoming decision that I would have to make about the job I'd started the previous August. If you remember 2008 - 2009, there was a recession. I could tell that funding for my brand new shiny job was going to go away. I had some options within the agency I could take, but I also knew that my experience there over the previous nine months hadn't been a bed of roses. Maybe I wanted to look for a job in a school again. Or maybe something else.

I'm listening a lot this spring, too. I am not looking for a job or a major change, mind you. I think that what's happening out in the great wide world is enough to prompt reflection and a reminder that opportunity is always out there. I do have a dream deferred with my Data Lab idea...but I am still pondering how to breathe life into this, but in a different way. I think that if I just hold on for a year, there will be a lot of opportunities. I think the unfortunate economic consequences of the current pandemic will mean that there is a space for me down the road. I just need to be quiet and still and make an effort to listen closely.

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29 April 2020

Magnificent Obsession

Not a lot to share from today's date (full list of tweets). Maybe it's quarantine malaise or just the time of year. In previous years, this was always a low point because it's such a long stretch between spring break (first week of April) and Memorial Day. The days are longer and weather is more promising. There is a longer list of things I'd rather be doing outside the (home) office than inside of it.

And yet...here we are.


I've written plenty about Hemo in this space before. I may have stopped teaching, but I have not stopped loving it and what it represents. This would have been about the time of year that I would have shown it in my classes. I suspect that many teachers are grieving for all the things they won't get to share with students this year while they are instead forced to share this experience of a pandemic.

Hang in there.

28 April 2020

Socializing Distantly

A few days ago, I posted about about our local Arts Walk. It takes place on a Friday night and all day Saturday the last week in April and first week in October. This tweet (full list from today's date) references one of these events:


And while I'm still sad about not getting to display my work at Arts Walk this year, this tweet is also a reminder of something very good. This was the evening I reconnected with a former co-worker...and we've been friends ever since. In the Before, we'd meet for brunch a couple of times a month and it was good to have someone to share things with. He is the most "me" like person I've ever met. We're lifelong (for the most part) singletons...in our 50s...very independent...and tend to approach problems and issues similarly. It's fun to visit with him. In the Now, we've been getting together every weekend to take long walks and chat. We are the only people we see in person (apart from the occasional errand) and that connection feels really important. The very first week of the lockdown, we finished our walk and he asked, "Do you think we should risk a hug?" I thought it was okay...so we did...and he immediately exclaimed "Suicide pact!" So, yes, he's got a great sense of humor, too. Nothing romantic to report. It really is just walks and coffee and brunch. But it's lots of fun and I am grateful for every moment of it. And to think it all started with this tweet.

27 April 2020

It's All in the Feet

I know plenty of people who have discovered that if you give a toddler a camera that you end up with a lot of pictures of butts. Those are at eye level, after all. And once you remember that different view of the world, other things start to make more sense.


Shoes are very important to primary age students. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to help with kindergarten lunch or a first grade class and kids look at my feet before they look at my face. And because this is often the sequence of things, you immediately see on their young faces that they have formed an opinion of you that may not be favourable. There's disappointment when they see boring footwear. (I suspect that fun socks would also be acceptable...but I don't wear them.)

I remember one of my education professors telling a story from when she had been a kindergarten teacher. She said she'd come to class one day and a student had noticed that she'd gotten her hair cut and looked different. She asked the kid, "How did you know it was still me?" He said, "Your shoes. They're the same boring brown ones." Shoes are as good as a name tag...at least when you're five. As we grow older, and more importantly, taller, our perspectives and what we notice and value change.

Since the lockdown, I've bought two new pairs of shoes (one is shown below). I have nowhere to wear them yet. But I will. There will be more kindergartners and I will do my best to make them all smile and know that I cared enough to bring my best feet for them to admire.

This year, I am selecting a tweet from a list provided each day by On This Day as a prompt to get back into blogging.  You can see my full list of tweets posted on this day, or start seeing your own by following that account.

26 April 2020

Death, Taxes, and Weeds


On one hand, I like to think of weeds as flowers that no one has learned to love yet...and, on the other, they are very hard to love. Their relentless invasion in my flower beds and now, in my garden, is a most unwelcome intrusion. I spent at least 90 minutes yesterday just tending to the raised garden beds in my back yard, as I intend to plant herbs and veggies this week...and there's plenty more in the front where the poppies and lavender are trying to pretty up the place.

In 2008, when I posted this tweet (full list from today's date here), I had more things I would rather have done with my time than pull weeds. This year, in the middle of the pandemic, there is something therapeutic about being in one's own space and tidying up. I am running out of deep cleaning chores for the inside of the house. I've reorganized the kitchen, pantry, and Costco cabinets. I've been through the closet and dresser. I've scrubbed the grout in the bathroom. (Yes, really.) Now that the days are growing longer and temps are warming up, it's time to plant myself, no pun intended, by different areas in the yard and see what I can do to tidy up a little more than usual. What are you taking on this spring to give yourself a break from all the screen time and clear out the brain fog?